Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A disturbing Find

As a Timeforce 10 agent I have the ability to slip from one reality to another. On a recent jaunt into the near future I was doing a bit of research and I came across the following card catalog entry.
As you can plainly see its a entry for my journal published in 1880 by Oxbridge University Press. Of special interest to me are the notations someone has made...

"Inglewood's airship went missing in 1893" "her ship was never found" "why is her journal here?"

Missing? Ship never found? And why would my journal be in a library and not with my "missing" ship? The notes indicate someone took a fair bit of interest in this entry. Who are they? Are they looking for me?

As I said, disturbing indeed!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Inglewood Airships - Evening Star For Sale

Inglewood Airships Evening Star Airships for sale on Xstreet SL Marketplace. See the video and check the details at Inglewood Airships.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Pats!

Top o' the morning to you! Being of the Irish persuasion I couldn't let Saint Patrick's go by unnoticed. And what better way to celebrate the Irish holiday than with a bit of music. Enjoy.

Okay, this next one isn't exactly traditional Irish music but it does feature The Chieftains and where do you think Bluegrass came from? I dare you to be in a bad mood after listening and watching. Hey if nothing else we Irish are a fun lot.

And you didn't think you were getting out of here without a bit of The Dropkick Murphys. I thought The Fighting 69 th seem to fit.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Connolly Aerodrome and the Current Financial Crisis - Royal Caledon Air Force

A link and a few questions?

First the link to Zoe Connolly's Post about how real life can affect our virtual world.

And a few comments and a question or two.

Do you have any special thoughts of Connolly Aerodrome?
As for myself Connolly Aerodrome is one of my favorite places in Caledon. In all of Second Life actually. It was one of the first places I visited when I came to Caledon and I made the observation deck my makeshift home for many months.

More importantly it was a place where I found a sense of community and lets face it that's what we are all looking for here. Zoe did this by building a place where like minded people could feel at home and connect.

This past summer and fall I would pop into SL each weekday for my "nooner" and head straight to Connolly. On most days there was usually at least 3 or four regulars there and we would spend a few hours pirate hunting (things in Caledon were not always this calm) watching our little Sumie build something, target practicing or just sitting about acting silly. My point I suppose is that it was something I very much looked forward to each day, and having a home base was very reassuring.

My other memory that stands out was the memorial service we had at Connolly when Sumie Kawashima passed away in RL. Again the sense of connection was and I know this word gets tossed about a lot but amazing. It helped me get through what was a pretty rough time.


How many pairs of steampunk goggles do you need?

Who or what are you willing to sacrifice for?

What do you belive in, whats importat to you?

These are just questions, and I'm not suggesting anything but would love to know what you think. Leave a comment. No, really its free and I promise not to send you a fruitcake at Christmas.

One last question? What exactly is the definition of a rant? Just wondering.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grand Opening of The Wicked Wench

Rachire Wulluf and the Crimson Pirates are proud to announce the Grand Opening of the Wicked Wench. A bar with a decidely piratesque feel. Located at Caledon Morgaine 13-27-21, the bar is managed by the ever delightful and lovely Cyn Sweetwater and staffed with memebers of the Crimson Pirates.

The doors or in this case the beach opens at 3 pm SLT this afternoon with a small bash to celebrate the event. Bring you eyepatch, pegleg and cutlass and plan for a good time.

Lets recap shall we? Wicked Wench Grand Opening at Caledon Morgain from 3-5 SLT. Arrgh!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jay Leno - Steampunk

Watch more The Tonight Show with Jay Leno videos on AOL Video

Jay Leno a Steampunk? Who knew? Jay Leno explains the power of steam and in this video reminds us that our nuclear subs are ...Steam powered.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blurb - Real Books Made By You

If you have been in Second Life for any time at all I'm sure you have a ton of photos taking up space on your hard drive. And if your like like me you find yourself asking..

"What am I going to do with all of these!?!"

I just came across a nifty site that might give us a answer. What if you could make a real book with photos of your adventures here in Second Life. Better yet, what if you wrote a adventure story and acted it out in SL, using the photos in your book...wait for it.

It gets better....

And then you could sell your book to others to help support your airship collection here in SL? I know! Pretty Cool.

At you download their book publishing software. Design your book however you like, words, pictures, a combination of both. Upload your book to their site and then they only print however many copies you order or better yet if someone buys your book from their store.

I know! Pretty Cool!

I know, me too I was thinking wait! I could use this for other stuff, a kids graduation, a book about your child's senior year, wedding albums, family reunions, babies first year, a book of your paintings and poems, a family cookbook. The list goes on and on.

Again its

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Airship Papers At

I love paper ephemera of all sorts. Combining this with the love of airships I found these amazing Airship Papers at Times are tough and money is tight but I may have to break down and order a set of these. The set includes the following :

Registration Papers
Certificates of inspection,
Letter of Marque
Salvage license insurance

And a lot more. Best of all your papers are like no others, they are made for you with your name and the name of your airship.... S.H. (Steampunk Hottie) Aether Inglewood, captain of the H.M.S. Deathtrap has a ring to it don't you think?

Monday, February 2, 2009

20000 Leagues Under The Sea

While looking the other day for the Disney version of Jules Vern's 20000 Leagues Under The Sea I came across this 1916 version of the film. A bit grainy but still enjoyable and worth a look.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Caledon Air Transport Begins Service

Caledon Air Transport began air service today with their first line flying between Caledon Downs Airfield to North Cay Airfield. Below is a statement from C.A.T.'s chairman Dan Gervasi...

Thanks to Mr Bubba Daniels the first line of the C.A.T has been opened today. It flies between Downs and North Cay and is at this stage being tested and refined. Next step is to extend the route to Penzance. The Script of the CNR was used and heavily customized for this purpose. Customized vista flyers bearing the colours of the Caledon Air Transport Company are currently flying back and forth the two airports every 30 minutes. This is a significant milestone for the CAT. Huzzah!
Dan Gervasi.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Guide To Caledon's Airfields Part 5

SSC Provisional Aerodrome

SSC(Steam SkyCity) Provisional Aerodrome is located along the Western edge of Caledon at one of Caledons most famous landmarks. Steam SkyCity. Owned by Vivito Volare Steam SkyCity can easly be located by the large rotating props found on its roof that keep this floating city airborne. This airfield makes for easy access to the maze of shops and pubs that is SSC. (As aways click photos for a better look)

Airfield Layout and Approach

Steam SkyCity lies South of Caledon, North of Caledon Oxbridge Village. The runway itself is located on the roof of the floating city. As mentioned above look for the four LARGE props. The runway sits in a Northwest/Southeast oreintation, the Northwestern end being at Steam SkyCity 52,186,96.

While the propellers on the roof make for ease of location they also make for a daunting approach. I've found the best approach is from the Northwest coming in from Caledon Westmoreland making a roundabout and lining up the runway from this angle. The runway is short and has several obstructions spread throughout the rooftop. Chief among these are two cutouts, one on each side of the landing strip. Careful or you could end up on the lower decks quicker than expected. To the Southeast there is a fairly large steam powerd (how else would it be powered?) flywheel. A approach can be made from this direction but one must clear this revolving plane chewer and make a hasty decent to the runway.

Once landed a transporter can be found at 95,180,96. I'd recomend choosing Volare Mercantile and Trade as your destination as it leads to the heart of SSC.


Where to begin. Steam SkyCity is fairly large and very maze-like. One can spend hours exploreing here so I'll point you to a few of my favorite places. Prop Spinners Pub located 68,198,76. Prop Spinners, is a regualr hangout for the RCAF (Royal Caledon Airforce) having weekly events each Sunday night starting at 7 slt. Another favorite is the Green Fairy Tavern 122,85,76 a bit more upscale and rumor has it if one stays long enough there is a chance of seeing one of Caledons famous sky pirates.

Also worth a look is the Looter's Emporium 115,53,76. They offer a wide array of free Steampunk goodies for the new or not so new comer to Second Life. While there have a look at the airships made by Wicked Kitty Industries, Simplyamy Iwish. While not free, she makes amazing airships. You can have a look just next door from the Looter's Emporium.

Take your time here and explore, leave the floating city and check out the island below. There is a wonderful airship tower located here and if you prefer watercraft to the air variety there is plenty of slips for all but the largest of ships. And please, please, please, three times please don't listen to the rumors of pirates and secret tunnels. All nonsense I assure you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Airship Tours Begin in Caledon

A new addition has been added to the Connolly Aerodrome in Caledon Penzance. Hovering above the airfield is a new blimp very similar to the one that has been there since my coming to Caledon. The difference? This new airship owned by Virrginia Tombola now provides air service from Connolly Aerodrome to Lionsgate Tower and back. Rumor has it that this is the first in a series of airship routes planned throughout Caledon. What a modern time we live in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Weekend of Airships and Music

A very eventful weekend in New Babbage. On Saturday the 17 in honor of Founders Day the New Babbage Aethernautical Society presented the first annual New Babbage Airship regatta. The course made of floating hoopswhich the pilots had to pass through twice was competed in by more than twenty aeronauts with a total of five heats run. Two each for Light and Heavy classes and one for Whimsical vessels. Despite some navigation issues which included my viewing stand being rammed by a rather large airship and knocking me some 200M to the docks below a good time was had by all. The winners in each class were as follows..

In the Light Class Rip Wirefly in Prop Duster and Ambrose Steampunk in Papillon Duo took the honors. Flying in the Heavy Class: Greg Merryman in Tri-Tanium and Beast Mauvaise in HMCS Baldwin tied for the first place finish. The Whimsical Class was won by Bela Lubezki in the HDM Airship No.1 "Famine". And the Spectator Favorite was flown by Julian Beeswing in the Windstream. There was also a Display Favorite catagory which was won by Darlingmonster Ember's Copperwing 8.1

The following day Sunday the 18th of January Prop Spinners Pub hosted a tribute memorial day for our good friend and RCAF pilot Sumi Kawashima. The event featured live performances by Cylindrian Rutabaga, CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster and Charles Coleman from 10a.m. till well into the afternoon. With D.J. DJ Eudptes Bergson playing a special set of Sumie's favorite songs later that evening during the normal weekly event at Prop Spinners. The live music was preceded by a flyover of Steamsky City by RCAF pilots from 9:30 to 10.


Friday, January 16, 2009

A Guide To Caledon's Airfields Part 4

Caledon Downs Airfield

Caledon Downs might very well be Caledon's prettiest airfield. Located as the name would suggest in Caledon Downs it's set in a rual, park like atmosphere, surrounded by trees and beautifully landscaped. Owned and operated by Bubba Daniels this is a lovely little landing spot. (as always be sure to click the photos for a better view)

Airfield Layout and Approach

Caledon Downs Airfield sits on the Northeastern edge of Caledon Downs and can be located by a revolving green and white beacon set on a hill just to the north of the runway. The Southern end of the landing strip is located at Caledon Downs 145,131,44, with a North/South layout.

As mentioned above this is a lovely airfield. That in mind landings can be a bit tricky but very much worth the trouble. At the North and South ends of the runway there are fairly sizable hills to deal with. You must clear these and then make a fairly quick decent to the runway. Nothing to get white knuckled about, perhaps a light shade of grey though. The runway is landscaped on both sides with shrubbery and while very attractive, those with a wide wingspan take notice. I feel the best approach is from the South coming in from Southend over the water and using the shoreline as a reference point to the runway.


The airfield has a very nice hanger, took me a bit to figure out how to gain access (I can be a bit thick at times). There is also a bandstand/gazebo adjacent to the sizable tarmac which would be perfect for holding events. Be sure to climb the hill to the north and take a gander at the beacon tower its a very nice piece of work. Other nearby locations of interest are the Steampunk Resource Center, just a short walk from the field. It's located at Caledon Downs 29,99,22. Also be sure to check out the observatory on the Heliosense Estate 85,62,55 feature a great view. The rail line runs next to the runway though I'm not sure if it makes a stop here. I left my slide rule at home and without it can't figure out the Caledon train schedules.

If you've never been to this little gem of a airfield do yourself a favor and come have a look. Caledon Downs is a very beautiful and interesting area. Come, stay awhile and explore.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Timeforce 10 -" The Alien Device"

TimeForce 10 Agents Avery Robbiani, and Zoe Connolly and Aether Inglewood explore the mysterious Isla du Montserrat. See the video and follow the the secret adventures of the Amazing TimeForce 10 from the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dennis Hopper Recites Kiplings "If"

"If" my favorite poem written in 1895 by Rudyard Kipling was according to Kipling inspired by Dr. Leander Star Jameson who lead a raid in the same year by the British against the Boers in South Africa. This raid ultimately lead to the Second Boer War. Though defeated Jameson was presented as a hero in the press and and the raid as a British victory.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Test Comic Using Comic Book Creator

Looking about on CNET and found this nifty piece of software. It's called Comic Book Creator from Planetwide Games. With it you can use your screen grabs from online games such, oh... I don't know... I think there is one called Second Life to make your own comics. It supports JPEG, BMP and GIF file formats and has bunches of layouts, text bubbles and other assorted goodies. I just started goofing around with it about half a hour ago and made the above in about in about 2 minutes as a test. (you might be able to tell from the content). If your a life long comic geek like me and into online gaming this might be worth a look.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ICON Aircraft CEO introduces the A5

ICON Aircraft CEO Kirk Hawkins introduces their first product the A5 light sport aircraft. Light sport aircraft require a sport pilot license which you can get in under a month for 2-4 thousand dollars.

This is what flying is all about, I want one!!

A Guide to Caledon's Airfields Part 3

North Cay Public Airfield & Sumie RCAFB

Located just off the Firth in Caledon Cay, North Cay Public Airfield & Sumie RCAFB is one of Caledon's most recent additions to the flying community. Owned and opereated by fellow RCAF pilot Dan Gervasi its the home of Caledon Air Transport and Royal Caledon Air Force Base Sumie named in memorial of RCAF pilot Sumie Kawashima. (Be sure to click the images for a closer look.)

Airfield Layout

North cay P
ublic Airfield sits at the Southeastern edge of the Firth, the Caledon Cafall lighthouse just to the Northwest of the runway. The runway its self laying in a North/South orientation with the Northern end located at Caledon Cay 119,242,22.

The approach fro
m the North coming in over the Firth is wide with zero obstacles to maneuver around. There is really no approach from the South due to trees, houses and the trolley line which runs in front of the airfield. From the air the strip looks very narrow and short. It's not nearly as dodgy as it looks coming in. The one hazard being a airship mooring at the North end of the runway but it is set back from the runway and again, not nearly as close as it appears from the sky. My preferred approach is to fly East along the North side of the Firth and once past the castle at Caledon Cafall turning South to the runway.


This is where North Cay Public Airfield really shines. The airfield is the home of Caledon Air Transport Company which will soon be providing air transport and air tours to Caledon and Winterfell. The RCAF also has a presence here with Sumie RCAFB. The two sharing a hanger on the West side of the runway. Being on the water the airfield has a pier making access handy for those in seaplanes or watercraft.

The crowing jewel of this location is Cafe Scribe owned and operated by Bastienne Scribe. As describe by Miss Scribe the cafe is a French style Bistro where people are welcome to meet and relax. She also pointed out some of the lovely constructions contributions from Cay residents, most notably the roof by Mr. Serpis and the tables from Mr. Szondi. Miss Scribe went on to explain that there will be regular events held at the cafe so be sure to join the group for updates.

The Grand Opening of North Cay Public Airfield and Cafe Scribe will be tomorrow January 11 at 12:00 p.m. SL time. A wonderful little landing spot and very much worth a look. Stop by tomorrow and enjoy the activities.

Shameless self promotion warning: With a attempt at full disclosure I must admit I have a interest in this airport, small though it may be. I am C.O.O. of Caledon Air Transport. As such I receive no financial reward.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cool Steampunk Ad

Very steamy video, I really love the critter with the billowing smokestack on his back Enjoy!


Monday, January 5, 2009

A Guide to Caledon's Airfields Part 2

Set in the heart of Port Caledon this airfield until very recently was unknown to me or at least at it's current location. Port Caledon Field is owned and operated by Ambinant Kukulcan.

Airfield Layout

Port Caledon Field is very easy to locate sitting just beneath two large towers. One emitting a powerful large beam of light into the heavens that with the right settings can be seen from a great distance.

The runway lies in a East/West orentation. The East end of the runway is at Port Caledon 186,15,22 and marked by flashing neon green landing lights. The runway is very wide with no obstructions on either side.

The approach from the East is very open with no tall buildings, towers or other obstructions to block your view, giving you a nice long look at the field as you line up your landings. Coming in and passing over Caledon Highlands a land owner was kind enough to put a brilliant blue roof on there home. One can use this as a waypoint to line up their landing. Passing directly over this puts you in a fairly good position for your final approach to the field itself. (see photo below)

Of special note. I mentioned before that the landing strip had not obstructions. I should rephrase that and say no fixed obstructions. There is a trolley line that runs North and Sound directly in front of the runway so do keep a eye peeled.


There is a very nice hanger at Port Caledon Field. In fact if you would like a airport of your own this might be a good place to start. They have a kit that's very similar to the layout mentioned here for a very reasonable price. Check in the hanger for details.

Numerous shops and stores await your exploration near the airfield. One might make a note of the following. The tower at Chernov Laboratories Incorporated is worth a look located at 115,71,123. Also be sure to head just next door and visit the Virtual Kennel Club your home for a virtual pet in Caledon. Located @ Caledon 121,196,22. If your new to Caledon a visit to the Caledon Welcome Center is also a must and within easy walking distance of the airfield. It's at Caledon 171,187,22.

Of special note: I tired to rez my airship here and was unable to do so at the time of this writing. Something to keep in mind if your planning a speedy escape from this location.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Steampunk US Marine - Action Figure

Just to up the geek factor a few point I found the following photo posted here. Not into action figures really... Okay! So I have a R2D2 sitting on my desk that squeaks and beeps, that's beside the point. Check out the other photos very cool, very steamy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Guide to Caledon's Airfields

Many if asked will tell you the glory days of flying in Second Life have gone the way of the Dodo. While to a certain degree this might be true, flight in one form or another is still thriving in Caledon as evidenced by the many airfields spread through out our fair land.

My intention with the following primer is to highlight some of my favorite landing spots and perhaps aid you in keeping the shinny side of your flying machines pointed toward the heavens.

Part 1 Connolly Aerodrome.

Connolly Aerodrome

Without question my favorite landing spot in Caledon is Connolly Aerodrome. Located in Penzance Caledon, and owned and operated by the infamous Zoe Connolly it's the home base of the Royal Caledon Airforce. And someplace I called home for my first few months here in Caledon.

Airfield layout
Sitting at the Northeastern corner of the Firth, Connolly is easy to find. The western end of the runway lies at Caledon Penzance 22,29.40. With a lighthouse on each side of the runway to guide you home. The runway running in a east to west direction.

Landing at Connolly can take some getting used to. The runway is fairly wide but there are several obstacles at the East end of the runway, those with a wide wingspan take notice. The windsock at the west end of the runway is fairly close to the strip and IS NOT a phantom. I've done many a round-a-bout on said windsock after catching a wing. On the North side of the airfield is a fairly steep mountain and to the south a sheer drop off. To make matters even more interesting approaching from the West there is for lack of a better word a sky obstruction and the west end of the runway also sits very near where three sim borders meet. Which can lead to some interesting landings. Landing here might take a little practice. I've flown from here for some time and still crack up now and again. Near the West end of the field there is plenty of room for parking your aircraft once you have landed.


Connolly Aerodrome is much more that a airfield to me. As I mentioned I called it my home for several months when I first came to Caledon. Miss Connolly taking me under her wing as it were. There's plenty to do at Connolly besides fly . Not just a gathering place for RCAF fliers it features a wonderful shooting range. The Quonset hut which is full of all sorts of vendors relating to flying and aviation (Some very nice free aircraft here) in Second life. And plenty of spots to just sit, relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the lighthouses and the Firth. A memorial to our fallen friend Sumie Kawashima is also located at the East end of the airfield. And for those music lovers out there Connolly also has a very nice music feed.

If you have never been to Connolly Aerodrome be sure to come by and give it a look, even if you are not a flyer its a beautiful place to explore and very near some of the best shopping in Caledon.