Friday, January 23, 2009

A Guide To Caledon's Airfields Part 5

SSC Provisional Aerodrome

SSC(Steam SkyCity) Provisional Aerodrome is located along the Western edge of Caledon at one of Caledons most famous landmarks. Steam SkyCity. Owned by Vivito Volare Steam SkyCity can easly be located by the large rotating props found on its roof that keep this floating city airborne. This airfield makes for easy access to the maze of shops and pubs that is SSC. (As aways click photos for a better look)

Airfield Layout and Approach

Steam SkyCity lies South of Caledon, North of Caledon Oxbridge Village. The runway itself is located on the roof of the floating city. As mentioned above look for the four LARGE props. The runway sits in a Northwest/Southeast oreintation, the Northwestern end being at Steam SkyCity 52,186,96.

While the propellers on the roof make for ease of location they also make for a daunting approach. I've found the best approach is from the Northwest coming in from Caledon Westmoreland making a roundabout and lining up the runway from this angle. The runway is short and has several obstructions spread throughout the rooftop. Chief among these are two cutouts, one on each side of the landing strip. Careful or you could end up on the lower decks quicker than expected. To the Southeast there is a fairly large steam powerd (how else would it be powered?) flywheel. A approach can be made from this direction but one must clear this revolving plane chewer and make a hasty decent to the runway.

Once landed a transporter can be found at 95,180,96. I'd recomend choosing Volare Mercantile and Trade as your destination as it leads to the heart of SSC.


Where to begin. Steam SkyCity is fairly large and very maze-like. One can spend hours exploreing here so I'll point you to a few of my favorite places. Prop Spinners Pub located 68,198,76. Prop Spinners, is a regualr hangout for the RCAF (Royal Caledon Airforce) having weekly events each Sunday night starting at 7 slt. Another favorite is the Green Fairy Tavern 122,85,76 a bit more upscale and rumor has it if one stays long enough there is a chance of seeing one of Caledons famous sky pirates.

Also worth a look is the Looter's Emporium 115,53,76. They offer a wide array of free Steampunk goodies for the new or not so new comer to Second Life. While there have a look at the airships made by Wicked Kitty Industries, Simplyamy Iwish. While not free, she makes amazing airships. You can have a look just next door from the Looter's Emporium.

Take your time here and explore, leave the floating city and check out the island below. There is a wonderful airship tower located here and if you prefer watercraft to the air variety there is plenty of slips for all but the largest of ships. And please, please, please, three times please don't listen to the rumors of pirates and secret tunnels. All nonsense I assure you.

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