Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blurb - Real Books Made By You

If you have been in Second Life for any time at all I'm sure you have a ton of photos taking up space on your hard drive. And if your like like me you find yourself asking..

"What am I going to do with all of these!?!"

I just came across a nifty site that might give us a answer. What if you could make a real book with photos of your adventures here in Second Life. Better yet, what if you wrote a adventure story and acted it out in SL, using the photos in your book...wait for it.

It gets better....

And then you could sell your book to others to help support your airship collection here in SL? I know! Pretty Cool.

At you download their book publishing software. Design your book however you like, words, pictures, a combination of both. Upload your book to their site and then they only print however many copies you order or better yet if someone buys your book from their store.

I know! Pretty Cool!

I know, me too I was thinking wait! I could use this for other stuff, a kids graduation, a book about your child's senior year, wedding albums, family reunions, babies first year, a book of your paintings and poems, a family cookbook. The list goes on and on.

Again its

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