Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Guide to Caledon's Airfields Part 3

North Cay Public Airfield & Sumie RCAFB

Located just off the Firth in Caledon Cay, North Cay Public Airfield & Sumie RCAFB is one of Caledon's most recent additions to the flying community. Owned and opereated by fellow RCAF pilot Dan Gervasi its the home of Caledon Air Transport and Royal Caledon Air Force Base Sumie named in memorial of RCAF pilot Sumie Kawashima. (Be sure to click the images for a closer look.)

Airfield Layout

North cay P
ublic Airfield sits at the Southeastern edge of the Firth, the Caledon Cafall lighthouse just to the Northwest of the runway. The runway its self laying in a North/South orientation with the Northern end located at Caledon Cay 119,242,22.

The approach fro
m the North coming in over the Firth is wide with zero obstacles to maneuver around. There is really no approach from the South due to trees, houses and the trolley line which runs in front of the airfield. From the air the strip looks very narrow and short. It's not nearly as dodgy as it looks coming in. The one hazard being a airship mooring at the North end of the runway but it is set back from the runway and again, not nearly as close as it appears from the sky. My preferred approach is to fly East along the North side of the Firth and once past the castle at Caledon Cafall turning South to the runway.


This is where North Cay Public Airfield really shines. The airfield is the home of Caledon Air Transport Company which will soon be providing air transport and air tours to Caledon and Winterfell. The RCAF also has a presence here with Sumie RCAFB. The two sharing a hanger on the West side of the runway. Being on the water the airfield has a pier making access handy for those in seaplanes or watercraft.

The crowing jewel of this location is Cafe Scribe owned and operated by Bastienne Scribe. As describe by Miss Scribe the cafe is a French style Bistro where people are welcome to meet and relax. She also pointed out some of the lovely constructions contributions from Cay residents, most notably the roof by Mr. Serpis and the tables from Mr. Szondi. Miss Scribe went on to explain that there will be regular events held at the cafe so be sure to join the group for updates.

The Grand Opening of North Cay Public Airfield and Cafe Scribe will be tomorrow January 11 at 12:00 p.m. SL time. A wonderful little landing spot and very much worth a look. Stop by tomorrow and enjoy the activities.

Shameless self promotion warning: With a attempt at full disclosure I must admit I have a interest in this airport, small though it may be. I am C.O.O. of Caledon Air Transport. As such I receive no financial reward.

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