Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Guide to Caledon's Airfields

Many if asked will tell you the glory days of flying in Second Life have gone the way of the Dodo. While to a certain degree this might be true, flight in one form or another is still thriving in Caledon as evidenced by the many airfields spread through out our fair land.

My intention with the following primer is to highlight some of my favorite landing spots and perhaps aid you in keeping the shinny side of your flying machines pointed toward the heavens.

Part 1 Connolly Aerodrome.

Connolly Aerodrome

Without question my favorite landing spot in Caledon is Connolly Aerodrome. Located in Penzance Caledon, and owned and operated by the infamous Zoe Connolly it's the home base of the Royal Caledon Airforce. And someplace I called home for my first few months here in Caledon.

Airfield layout
Sitting at the Northeastern corner of the Firth, Connolly is easy to find. The western end of the runway lies at Caledon Penzance 22,29.40. With a lighthouse on each side of the runway to guide you home. The runway running in a east to west direction.

Landing at Connolly can take some getting used to. The runway is fairly wide but there are several obstacles at the East end of the runway, those with a wide wingspan take notice. The windsock at the west end of the runway is fairly close to the strip and IS NOT a phantom. I've done many a round-a-bout on said windsock after catching a wing. On the North side of the airfield is a fairly steep mountain and to the south a sheer drop off. To make matters even more interesting approaching from the West there is for lack of a better word a sky obstruction and the west end of the runway also sits very near where three sim borders meet. Which can lead to some interesting landings. Landing here might take a little practice. I've flown from here for some time and still crack up now and again. Near the West end of the field there is plenty of room for parking your aircraft once you have landed.


Connolly Aerodrome is much more that a airfield to me. As I mentioned I called it my home for several months when I first came to Caledon. Miss Connolly taking me under her wing as it were. There's plenty to do at Connolly besides fly . Not just a gathering place for RCAF fliers it features a wonderful shooting range. The Quonset hut which is full of all sorts of vendors relating to flying and aviation (Some very nice free aircraft here) in Second life. And plenty of spots to just sit, relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the lighthouses and the Firth. A memorial to our fallen friend Sumie Kawashima is also located at the East end of the airfield. And for those music lovers out there Connolly also has a very nice music feed.

If you have never been to Connolly Aerodrome be sure to come by and give it a look, even if you are not a flyer its a beautiful place to explore and very near some of the best shopping in Caledon.

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