Friday, January 16, 2009

A Guide To Caledon's Airfields Part 4

Caledon Downs Airfield

Caledon Downs might very well be Caledon's prettiest airfield. Located as the name would suggest in Caledon Downs it's set in a rual, park like atmosphere, surrounded by trees and beautifully landscaped. Owned and operated by Bubba Daniels this is a lovely little landing spot. (as always be sure to click the photos for a better view)

Airfield Layout and Approach

Caledon Downs Airfield sits on the Northeastern edge of Caledon Downs and can be located by a revolving green and white beacon set on a hill just to the north of the runway. The Southern end of the landing strip is located at Caledon Downs 145,131,44, with a North/South layout.

As mentioned above this is a lovely airfield. That in mind landings can be a bit tricky but very much worth the trouble. At the North and South ends of the runway there are fairly sizable hills to deal with. You must clear these and then make a fairly quick decent to the runway. Nothing to get white knuckled about, perhaps a light shade of grey though. The runway is landscaped on both sides with shrubbery and while very attractive, those with a wide wingspan take notice. I feel the best approach is from the South coming in from Southend over the water and using the shoreline as a reference point to the runway.


The airfield has a very nice hanger, took me a bit to figure out how to gain access (I can be a bit thick at times). There is also a bandstand/gazebo adjacent to the sizable tarmac which would be perfect for holding events. Be sure to climb the hill to the north and take a gander at the beacon tower its a very nice piece of work. Other nearby locations of interest are the Steampunk Resource Center, just a short walk from the field. It's located at Caledon Downs 29,99,22. Also be sure to check out the observatory on the Heliosense Estate 85,62,55 feature a great view. The rail line runs next to the runway though I'm not sure if it makes a stop here. I left my slide rule at home and without it can't figure out the Caledon train schedules.

If you've never been to this little gem of a airfield do yourself a favor and come have a look. Caledon Downs is a very beautiful and interesting area. Come, stay awhile and explore.

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