Monday, January 26, 2009

Caledon Air Transport Begins Service

Caledon Air Transport began air service today with their first line flying between Caledon Downs Airfield to North Cay Airfield. Below is a statement from C.A.T.'s chairman Dan Gervasi...

Thanks to Mr Bubba Daniels the first line of the C.A.T has been opened today. It flies between Downs and North Cay and is at this stage being tested and refined. Next step is to extend the route to Penzance. The Script of the CNR was used and heavily customized for this purpose. Customized vista flyers bearing the colours of the Caledon Air Transport Company are currently flying back and forth the two airports every 30 minutes. This is a significant milestone for the CAT. Huzzah!
Dan Gervasi.


Nocti Heliosense said...

I happened by the Caledon Downs Airfield last night just in time to catch a ride on the new Air Transport Service. It quickly carried me all the way to Connolly Aerodrome in Penzance, with a brief stop at the airfield in North Cay. Well done, Mr. Daniels!

The plane stopped briefly in Penzance before heading back to the Downs. I cannot report further as I got off there to see the area before heading home.

Aether Inglewood said...

I've not taken the full route myself either. I've not been in-inworld as much as I'd like the last few weeks.

Your right though, Dan and Mr. Daniels have done a wonderful job with this.

Vivito Volare said...

I was very excited to see the new leg that puts the floating mooring beneath SSC to use.