Friday, June 6, 2008

Optica Two Seater Test Flight

Last evening the lovely and talented pilot Miss Tiziana Corleone took her newly acquired Optica two seater out for a quick test flight.

From the builders Notecard:

The Optica is a concept aircraft designed for good forward visibility.
She's fitted with a location beacon for those sticky SL moments so you can find it later.
Also fitted with the now standard "eject" command that deletes the aircraft, say "eject" in chat and poof! Very useful for those hanging around in mid air sim crossing failures.

I believe the designer to be Denver Hax

After our test flight Miss Corleone being the renown tinkerer and builder that she is was already plotting upgrades for her new aircraft. I believe those mentioned were a bit of paint and a Lewis Gun on top of the wing.

We capped off the evening with a bit more flying. Her in aircraft and me looking for planes I'd left hanging about over Celedon. Miss Corleone was kind enough to act as spotter.

Tiziana Corleone, shes good people!

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