Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Days

It's been a busy ten days since I first signed up for my Second Life account.

At first its a bit overwhelming but I had the good fortune through creative use of the in-game search engine to stumble upon some very kind people who have shortened my learning curve to a great degree.

So what have I done in my first 10 days in second life? I've joined a few groups. Most importantly the Royal Caledon Air Force (RCAF) . It's a group ran by the infamous Zoe Connolly The group, located in the Caledon, Penzance region caters to those who love all things aviation related. With a tilt to early aircraft both real and imagined. Some wonderful Steampunk aircraft flying the skys of Caledon.

Miss Connolly was kind enough to offer me a part time job watching after her airfield. Not that it really needs watching after that I can tell. Through her kindness its allowed me to do other things besides camp for in game money. And plus its cool saying I work for the amazing Zoe Connolly.

While not attending to my duties at RCAF Connolly Aerodrome I've spent most of my time exploring many of the Victorian and Steampunk regions of Second Life. And developing a few new hobbies. Namely sky diving, base jumping, collecting firearms, airships, and submarines. Oh! And shopping for all of the above.

So far I'm having a hoot! More later-AI

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