Sunday, December 28, 2008

RCAF Last Organized Dogfight

Due to the Open Space issues in Second Life, today marks the last of Royal Caledon Air Force's weekly organized dog fights. As I joked today with Zoe Connolly due to my performance in the skies above Lovelace this morning I wouldn't be missing them very much. That of course is not true.

I may in my short time here in Caledon set the record for being shot down in the RCAF (my un-official call sign is Target) but to me that's not what these weekly meet ups were all about. Don't get me wrong I love ripping the canvas of a Fokker DR1 with slugs from my guns as much as anyone. But frankly I don't see some of these people other than at one of these weekly get togethers.

It's my hope I don't lose contact with many of the fliers here in the RCAF. I know Zoe has big plans for the RCAF after the beginning of the year, she's clever that on. But some of the best times I've had in Second Life have been at these weekly dogfights. Be it standing on the tarmack at Second Skies shooting the breeze with everyone or watching at the bottom of my parachute as someone takes a victory roll after shooting me from the sky.

If anyone is actually reading my little chunk of the aethernet and should come across this and you need a little target practice. Give me a shout in world. I could use the stick time and beside...I'm a hoot!

Happy Skies everyone.

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