Saturday, March 7, 2009

Connolly Aerodrome and the Current Financial Crisis - Royal Caledon Air Force

A link and a few questions?

First the link to Zoe Connolly's Post about how real life can affect our virtual world.

And a few comments and a question or two.

Do you have any special thoughts of Connolly Aerodrome?
As for myself Connolly Aerodrome is one of my favorite places in Caledon. In all of Second Life actually. It was one of the first places I visited when I came to Caledon and I made the observation deck my makeshift home for many months.

More importantly it was a place where I found a sense of community and lets face it that's what we are all looking for here. Zoe did this by building a place where like minded people could feel at home and connect.

This past summer and fall I would pop into SL each weekday for my "nooner" and head straight to Connolly. On most days there was usually at least 3 or four regulars there and we would spend a few hours pirate hunting (things in Caledon were not always this calm) watching our little Sumie build something, target practicing or just sitting about acting silly. My point I suppose is that it was something I very much looked forward to each day, and having a home base was very reassuring.

My other memory that stands out was the memorial service we had at Connolly when Sumie Kawashima passed away in RL. Again the sense of connection was and I know this word gets tossed about a lot but amazing. It helped me get through what was a pretty rough time.


How many pairs of steampunk goggles do you need?

Who or what are you willing to sacrifice for?

What do you belive in, whats importat to you?

These are just questions, and I'm not suggesting anything but would love to know what you think. Leave a comment. No, really its free and I promise not to send you a fruitcake at Christmas.

One last question? What exactly is the definition of a rant? Just wondering.


Bob and Gail said...

A key question is how Second Life can be more than just a collection of goggles and dresses.

The problem seems to be that there are more people who want to say that Second Life is not about this or that than people who want to see the connection

A connection between a few people who share some interest is just a first order connectedness, and only a connection of those rich enough and leisured enough to have time to come in to world.

Over the past 2 years I have repeatedly been told by people in SL that it can not be connected to history, Not connected to the third world, not connected social justice, not connected to politics, not connected to the third world.

The failure to build connections and political positions over the founding years of SL mean that now that you want to protect your hobby...

Well let me put it more clearly. Second Life is only a extension of an economic system that has dominated the United States and EU. That is why Second Life is the play place of EU and US players. This ideology has all been about division and not connection.

What I find a bit strange is how utterly unimportant the airstip is given the scale of financial catastrophe facing Zoe and her family. I really think probably getting her and her family away from the fantasy world of SL steampunk so they can deal with their current problems would be a good idea.

I would think funding a continuing participation in SL for a family that clearly needs to spend its time and effort on other things would probably be like giving drugs to people to relax them through the current crisis.

I know that seems hard but there needs to be ability to make such hard clear reviews of things to get through the present. A simulated airstrip should NOT be a priority to a family that is finding its economic standing collapse.

Aether Inglewood said...

Dearest Bob and Gail.

I'll try and cut through the socialist, workers of the world unite,capitalism is bad propaganda and respond to the issues of Connolly Aerodrome.

Your right in saying the airfield in unimportant compared to any real life financial issues. But if you take a look at Zoe's post she made if very clear that she would not be spending RL money for virtual land if X,Y and Z happened.

If you think for one moment that Zoe would allow Second Life to interfere with her real life family issues and as you put it "be a priority" you obviously know nothing about this person.

The purpose of my post was simply a gesture of support to someone I have "connected" with and who has shown nothing but kindness and generosity to anyone I've seen her have contact with.

And now that I think about it I think I will address some of your socialist rant.

As far as Second Life

"only being a connection for those rich and leisured enough to have time to come in world"

The price of admission is a internet connection. Where I live that's about 30 bucks a month.

As for myself I'm by no means what anyone would call rich. Do I have a certain degree of "wealth" by winning the genetic crap shoot and being born white, middle class and in the United States. Yes. Will I feel bad about that? No.

Life is not fair, if it was we would all be great looking, thin and drive red spots cars.

As far being "leisured enough to have time to come in world". How many hours do most spend filling their heads with crap like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars and watching MSNBC?

Once again if you look at my original post I made no suggestions for doing anything. I was simply asking a few questions.

Thank you for visiting Aether Chronicles have a lovely weekend.