Friday, October 24, 2008

RCAF Patrol 23 October.

Due to the recent pirate activity in and around Lionsgate Tower RCAF patrols have increased over the Firth, Middlesea and the tower itself.

Last evening while hovering over Lionsgate I noticed I was being shadowed. I would move, they would counter move and sit. Keeping the tower between us I was unable to get a good look at who was following me. Doing what any good pilot and all chickens would do, I called for help. Within moments Vickster Kuhn was on the scene and the two of us spent the next several minutes looking for this blip on our maps. At one point we both thought we had glimpsed a bi-plane through the clouds but were unable identify it.

At this point I landed my airship at Lionsgate and took on my jetpack and ray-rifle. I wanted to get a better look at something at the base of the island that I couldn't see from a aircraft. Near the surface I caught movement from the corner of my eye and was amazed to see what I assumed to be a statue of a black dragon spring to life and begin to pursue me. Vickster was soon at my location and opened up with her guns but to no avail. I tried several "trap" rounds from my ray-rifle but the creature was just too large.

Thinking we had driving the beast from the area we landed atop Lionsgate and were soon followed by the creature who then landed and observed us before flying off to the South.

Is the creature part of our pirate problem near Lionsgate? Were the pilot of the bi-plane Vickster and I caught a glimps of and this dragon working together?

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