Saturday, July 12, 2008

Charlie Don't Surf - Test Flight of ZX4 Attack Chopper

Stopped by Skies of Tomorrow to see if anyone was flying and ran into Suzi Tauber and Lord Lisle. Mr Lisle was kind enough to take me for a ride in his Battle Bug, a very nice Steampunk inspired aircraft and well...Its just cute! He was also kind enough to give me a landmark to a very nice aircraft. The Fokker ER.1. To the right I'm photoed before my first test flight. Thanks Mr. Lisle for the tip on a wonderful, fun to fly aircraft. More photos here.

Being the recipient of even more good karma, Miss Tauber was kind enough to copy of her ZX4 Attack Chopper.

Below, a video of walkaround, engine start up, flight, engine shutdown. Thanks again to Lord Lisle and Suzi Tauber for the cool aircraft and fun afternoon of flying.

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